Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant

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Beston is a highly competitive and innovative manufacturer of waste sorting equipment, and has a team of professional technical engineers and after-sales engineers to provide professional technical guidance to our customers.

We can provide customers with tailor-made full-service services based on the actual situation of urban waste in Malaysia, from concept design to planning, production, modernization, optimization, assembly, start-up, conversion, disassembly, maintenance and repair of components, to complete Recycling and sorting system. You can count on us to find the right solution for all your needs.

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Waste Sorting Machines and Plants

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Plants

Solid Waste Sorting Plants

MSW Sorting Plant: mainly used to separate urban and industrial waste & sorting rate of garbage can reach more than 85%.

MRF Material Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facility

Raw Material: urban waste, household garbage, solid waste, plastic garbage and others ( Zero Waste Energy ).


Waste Management Machine

Final Products: inorganic, sands, organic, irrecoverable fuel, film plastic, ferromagnetic materials and others.

Technical Parameter of the Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant
Raw materialsMunicipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity5 T/H10T/H20T/H
Working time20 hours20 hours20 hours

The Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Plant from Beston Machinery can recover a variety of valuable substances from the waste stream and effectively classify them according to the specific needs of Malaysian customers. If you have any problem about Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant, welcome to Contact Us, we will give you more information about what you want to know!

Applications of Final Products
NO.End productsProductivity     Usage
1plastic film12%1.turn to plastic particals to reuse2.pyrolysis to oil
2paper5%1.make pulp to prodce new paper
3metal5%1.smelt new metal
4glass3%1.recovery for reusing
5bettary,textle,bulk garbage etc5%1.recovery
6biomass:straw,shell,faeces,food residue etc70%1.biomass carbonizatin for charcoal

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